The Truth About Sure Fixed Matches

Fixed Matches are manipulated games.

Meaning the outcome is leaked and people are placing certain bets because they know how it ends.

You probably know this or you have lost a lot of money on the topic to have stumbled on this page today.
Probably to those who promised to give you the best fixed games that will make you millions only to end up giving games that made you lose more money.

for the question; Does match fixing exist in football?
Of course it does and anyone who tells you it doesn’t is naive.

there have been series of arrest, investigations and Bans been given to professionals on this issue as recently a referee appointed for the Russia 2018 World cup was Banned for life for being guilty of match fixing.

Who knows what could have happened if he made it to the world Cup, probably give the Cup to Saudi Arabia 😃

back to the topic 

if you really want to learn about fixed matches and avoid being scammed online then you should read 

this article  >>  Right Here <<

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